Igniting the fire within you….
Realize, Ignite…..Explode! infuses practical advice on personal development with a spiritual bent and uses enthusiastic tone that can help inspire readers to become their very best selves.by Arun Obulisamy

*availiable in both paperback and kindle edition
Realize the Phenomenal Power & the Unlimited Potential within you; the remarkable Potential, when tapped, can wipe off your past failures, paint your Present situation into a Marveling Future!
Ignite the fire within you! The Fire that burns the Old you and paves way for a New You; which is going ahead for your heart’s desire notwithstanding any of your current limitations!
Explode to your ultimate best. Explode to states of seemingly impossible levels in Life; Explode to states of Big Dreams – Dreaming Big without any Fear, Explode yourself to Massive Achievements!
“This book resonated with me. I learned a lot from the author’s presentation on important lessons in life” — Amazon Top50 Reviewer